Friday, 22 November 2013

Big mouth strikes again (Trick or Treat? Vol.2)

Dear God, it's been a whole year since I last blogged! Since that's done and gone, I might as well post a slight update to my costume from last year.

So, due to lack of time, I wanted to do a quick version of the "scary mouth" thing, just because I really like how it looks.
I had 45 minutes in my disposal, and some leftovers from last year:

  • a bit of blood, 
  • a bit of liquid latex, 
  • some red & white paint,
and of course, some tissue and a black eyeliner which hopefully are there at all times!

The picture I used as an inspiration is the one below:


I also watched this video here.

Final result (a bit worn off after lots of dancing):

What did you guys do for Halloween this year? Drop me a line, I'm always looking for inspiration!

x MP

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