Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spring inspiration

T-shirt Primark
Skirt Bershka
Belt H&M
Tank top Primark
Skirt H&M
Bracelet from personal collection
Necklace Topshop
                                       Leopard flats Bershka                                         
Tank top Primark
Skirt Bershka
Rings Topshop & Primark
Bracelet Topshop
Nail polish Erre Due & Seventeen
(excuse the veins!)

Today is not the best day for me.. An interview I had arranged for this morning got postponed for next week, plus I have a severe back problem which makes me feel like I'm 70 and in desperate need of a cane! It all started two days ago while trying on shoes.. I guess it was God's way to tell me NOT to buy anymore stuff and start working out at last! On top of that I'm down with a cold and a fever, lucky me! I decided to kick back with a new post and some fine music by Mr Coleman Hawkins instead of passing out- which I will anyway after I finish this! 

Anyway, these spring colours in the pictures above kind of cheered me up! I usually never dress that girly and opt for pants or leggings, but I was hoping maybe putting them up there will inspire me to where these vivid coloured skirts I've been piling up.. And it's most likely that if I do I will pair them with my favourite boots to tone down the girliness! I love neon colours and fringy tops at the moment, perhaps because festival season is soon to come. Note to self: remember to buy Coldplay tickets!! You can purchase your own spring trends for cheap at Primark and H&M, which are my main source of power! In most cases for less than 10£.
Nails of the week -because yes, I keep them for at least a week as I have no time or will to renew them more often!- are a mix of green and brown; just improvised and put a twist on them (the right hand's thumb being green with brown dots and the pinky plain brown).
Once again, that's all for today. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your vacation and having a wonderful time with your families!

X mp


  1. i LOVE all of them. Great choices honey ^^

  2. Thanks for the inspirational post! I like the neon shirt! :)

  3. Love your choises! :) i following now after your message in IFB, hope ucan follow me back, Kisss!!

  4. love all the looks! :)

  5. all the looks are wonderful,love the ramones

  6. Neons <3 Great styling, I would wear every outfit!

  7. Thank u girlies, glad u like them :)

    x mp