Sunday, 15 March 2015


Spring rolling it is...

In  classic British manner, it may not feel like it yet weather-wise but spring is among us.
This season, a variety of styles which have made an appearance over the years, are still going strong and prove that they're here to stay. Retro with a breath of 70s air, oriental and grunge are a few of the influences we adore at Memorabilic.

SS15 already feels like one big seventies time warp, clearly focusing on the boho/hippy vibe. Trends are having a nostalgic wander through the archives; fashion is primed to do a fierce trade down memory lane, adding uniqueness to any look, flawlessly complementing your existing wardrobe favourites.

We’re in the midst of an incredibly fun and adventurous moment; especially in London, in the land that allows to push fashion to the limits and where everything goes, it's all about flirting and experimenting with different styles and textures. Vintage prints, suede, patchwork, braids, flares, fringes, shoulder-baring silhouettes - it's a whole new mix and match approach to volume and fabric.
If you can't literally travel east for spring, do it in - spiritual - fashion. Channel your inner demure modern geisha and ride the Orient Express with structured patterns - time to take your floral kimonos and dresses, embellished accessories, elaborate obi belts, and wild shoes to complete the look out of your closet. Hi-tech bomber and judo jackets can be dressed up or down and add character to any look. A few key items from favourite retailers, as is tradition, below:

Leather Patchwork Shirt, Zara

Long Embroidered Kimono, Zara

Long Fringed Suede Jacket, Zara

Long Poncho, Zara

Jacquard Viscose Dress, Zara
Embroidered Dress, Zara
Sleeveless Dress , Zara

Alright, it may look like Zara vomit up here, but they always seem to have something I have to have.

On the other side of course, I often find a few items I love at Primark - their knitwear comes in very fresh colours like mint green and lilac and is perfect for this weather, as it combines spring tones with autumnal warmth, and pretty much costs about a tenner.

In one of the rare pics you'll see of me below, I'm wearing one of their new military jackets. As you'll probably know by now I'm no massive friend of pics, so will post a few of the knitwear when I get any captured!

Primark Patchwork Military Jacket

Lastly, big-up to turtle necks this spring - now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say. There's something about high-neck tops and exposed shoulders, especially if you have shorter hair, that I can't put into words. A few recent purchased in black:

Black Split Side Cowl Neck Longline Sleeveless Top, New Look
Cut Out Cropped Top, Miss Selfridge
Let's not forget about accessories and lingerie:

Extra Long Braided Belt, Zara
Lingerie this season seem to be all about details secretly sneaking out of tops and dresses -a bit of subtle kink driven hugely by 50 Shades of Grey. One of my favourite affordable pieces below:

Lace Bustier, H&M
Loads of nice jewellery available at Primark, Topshop, New Look and H&M. All about hoops, layered necklaces, chocker necklaces, delicate and multiple rings for all lengths of the finger, feminine earring bars and beautifully ornate ears with lots of pieces on them.

Of course, never forgetting about shoes - below my favourite boot that pretty much goes with everything, is surprisingly comfy and makes your legs look like 20cm taller:

Black Cleated Platform Over The Knee Boots, River Island
This spring let your style truly blossom!

What are your spring favourites? Can't wait to hear!

x mp

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