Sunday, 9 February 2014

Introducing: Blackmans Shoes


I have to admit - I used to make fun of people who wore Doc Martens, especially with it going extremely mainstream lately and EVERYONE ending up wearing the same shoes. But then I grew up and realised they're so popular because they're simply comfy and beautiful. They are quite pricey I find though, although the quality lasts ages. But still.

Anyway, if you were looking to buy them for cheap, look no further! I came across this small shop near Brick Lane, which is said to be one of London's best kept secrets.

Behold - introducing: Blackmans shoes.

There's a really interesting documentary on them here, explaining their way reasonable prices - being the first ones who brought the brand to London they have a deal with the retailer providing specific styles in low prices. Plus you can get a taste of the fun, approachable and unique owners, who will definitely provide a traditional market experience.

To give you an idea price-wise, the Cherry Dr Martens 1460 Boot, which has a typical high-street price varying from anything between £70-£110, is £56 at Blackmans! Yeap, that's right. 

Unfortunately they have the most basic Dr Martens styles, like 1460 in Cherry and Black, and a few of their 1461 shoes. That's why I had to get my new favourite work shoe, Dr Martens Aggy Army BT Boot, from an actual Dr Martens store a couple of months back- worth it this one time because they're simply gorgeous!

Moving on, they also have a few dessert boots styles and plimsoles from other brands, making it all in all a frickin' bargain!

As their sign reads: "The Devil wears Prada, but the people wear £5 plimsoles".

x M

Dr Martens Aggy Army BT Boot

Dr Martens 1460 Boot
Blackmans Shoes


  1. I love the desert boots! I've always loved Docs but never owned a pair...hmmm....

  2. Glad you do Caroline - thanks for stopping by :)